Club Merchandise

Most kit can be ordered online

Alternatively order through Judy Little to collect on a Wednesday.

All running vests and dicontinued lines need to be ordered with Judy Little


Old style running vests  -  Ladies 14 and XL - £5

These can still be used as an official vest as the colours and stripes are correct - it is just that they need to be hand washed so that the eagle's feathers do not peel off.

Long sleeved training t-shirts  -  Mens  L - £5

Yellow stripes down the sides but no logo nor LANCING EAGLES on back.

Short sleeved training t-shirts  -  Mens  L and XL - £5

Yellow stripes down the sides and LANCING EAGLES on back but no logo.

Please contact Judy Little to order

Running vest without name £25

Running vest with name   approx. £31

Judy holds in stock some of the items which are available from the online shop, these were purchased at a lower price than currently quoted, so if you need any of these items, you can buy them from Judy whilst stocks last.

Snood - £7

Mens Medium t-shirt - £14

Beanie without bobble - £6.56

Beanie with bobble - £9