Ray Thorne Memorial

A bequest was donated to the club following the death of ex-member Ray Thorne. It has been agreed that this bequest shall be used for an annual award to the Runner of the Year to be made in commemoration of Ray Thorne. It has been further agreed that the Runner of the Year will be determined by a vote by the current members of the club to select one male and one female runner that have been outstanding during the year. The results of the vote will be announced and the award made at the annual club dinner at the beginning of next year. Separate commemorative shields will be provided for male and female runners and may be held on loan for the year by the winners and returned at the end of the year to the Chairperson.

Members can adopt their own reasons for who they vote for. These reasons could include:

  • fastest performance during the year,
  • most improved performance,
  • most consistent performance,
  • most races completed during the year
  • attendance on Wednesday evenings
  • any other reason selected by the voter, however, the award is intended for running activities not service to the club.

The result shall be determined by the number of votes cast for both female and male runners. The most votes will determine the winner in each case. Should there be a tie then the Chairperson will have the casting vote. The decision of the Chairperson will be final.

2022 Winners of the Ray Thorne Memorial Shield are Steve Eastty and Simone Cuthbert

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