Parkrun Summer Series 2024

Race Dates and Locations

Saturday 27th April: Preston Park - Finish position 
Saturday 15th June: Clair - Age graded
Saturday 22nd June: Bevendean - Estimated time      (no watches!)
Saturday 6th July: East Brighton - Finish position
Saturday 17th August: Peacehaven - Age graded
Saturday 14th September: Lancing - Estimated time  (no watches!)


Complete the form below by April 27, 2024, to participate. Please note that entries submitted after the first event (27 th April, 2024) will not be accepted. Even if you are unable to participate on the first day, you must sign up by completing the form below.

How it works:
Your four best times will count towards your final score. The scoring is simple; one point for first, two for second etc. Any events you don’t compete at will receive a penalty scoring, this will be the number of all participants plus 5, (for example, 10 participants make a penalty score of 15) .

Event types:
Finish Position: Two events are based on finish position.
Age Graded: Two events are based on age grading percentage.
Estimated Time: Two events are based on your estimated time. The closer your finish time is to your estimated time the better your score.
For the Estimated Time run, submit your time on the entry form or provide it to Amy before the race dates, these can be resubmitted right up to the day before the race. Ensure you do not wear a timing device during this event.

General information
- All Parkrun races start at 9am. Paid parking operates at some locations; car sharing is encouraged.
- If a parkrun is cancelled, an alternate date will be scheduled.
- Participants are encouraged to wear their club vest. Second claim members are also welcome to join, if you are listed with another club, please inform us on the form below.                                                                                                                                                                          - The results published by each parkrun location will be used to collate the series results. Any queries with your finish time or position should be sent to the parkrun team at that location for resolution.
- Remember to take your barcode (token, wristband, or phone) to each event. No barcode, no time, no result!

New to Parkrun?
Parkrun is a free international running event managed by volunteers. Register by clicking on the link below and complete the form. Print out your barcode or store it on your mobile phone. Register for Parkrun 

A massive thanks
Thanks to RAW and Portslade Hedgehoppers for starting the Parkrun Series and allowing us to use a similar methodology!

Parkrun Series Entry Form
Entries after the first event will not be accepted. You must be signed up by the date of the first event, even if you are unable to take part on that day. You can resubmit your estimated times right up to the day before the race, or email Amy to update your times.

Parkrun Series
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